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V2 AutoGen controllers are the most sophisticated, automatic start and stop generator controllers to date.  With the use of our mobile app you have full control of manual starting and stopping from your smart phone,  view parameters such as battery bank voltage, amps, generator running status, error notifications and more.

It can be fitted to any electric start, petrol or diesel generator. It can also be used for other applications, such as petrol engine water pumps, marine or caravan generators etc. We can also customize the controller to suit your needs.

Our newest model the V4 AutoGen is  the smartest DC charger generator to date.

We wanted it to be the smartest, fastest and most efficient way of charging DC battery banks when they are needed the most.

Often people are stuck running outdoors to a shed or garage late at night as their off grid batteries are running low.

This is why we had the idea of developing our V2 AutoGen controller to automate the process of starting a generator to recharge those batteries. But we took it a step further by offering a complete package.

The V4 AutoGen constantly monitors battery bank voltage and will start automatically to bulk charge batteries. When batteries have reached 100% SOC it will shut off the generator.

Powered by a 6.5hp petrol engine and a high quality, rear earth permanent magnet alternator, combined with our controller technology. The perfect, automated backup charging solution for battery banks.

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V4 AutoGen 48v 63amp DC Charger Generator

v4 48v autogen

V4 AutoGen,  the smartest DC charger generator to date.

Proud to present our newest model, the V4 AutoGen 48v 63amp DC Generator Charger.
Capable of charging 48 volt battery banks at 63amps and with 100amps peak. Equipped with our V4 controllers, automatic start and stop, mobile app through wifi connectivity, displaying battery volts, charging amps, generator running status, history graph, user programmable start timer, manual start and stop from any location around the world. Error notifications sent via email.

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