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About Us

DC Charging is Our Expertise

Backup DC Charger GeneratorWe have been developing the smartest, fastest and most efficient way of charging DC battery banks when they are needed the most.

Often people are stuck running outdoors to a shed or garage late at night because their off grid batteries are running low due to no sun, storms, snow etc.

This is why we had the idea of developing our V2 AutoGen controller to automate the process of starting a generator to recharge those batteries. But we took it a step further by offering a complete package. A small petrol engine driving a modified 12v/24v alternator with smart 3 stage charging regulator to quickly bring those batteries back to 100% SOC as fast as possible minimizing engine run time and lowering the cost of fuel. With the automatic starting and stopping of the generator controlled via the V2 controller.

Combined with our V2 mobile app, you will have the ease of mind knowing what is happening in the background, measuring battery bank voltage, charging current, the ability to also manually start and stop the generator, even an error notification sent in case of any mechanical failure or as simple as running out of fuel.

Due to petrol not storing as well as one would want, we have the option of running our generators on LPG/CNG.

Look no further than the V2 AutoGen…

We Love To Tinker, DIY is Now Possible With Our V2 AutoGen Controller

Do you already have a generator and wish it had a brain?

Well now this is possible! By installing the V2 AutoGen controller you can automate the starting process of your generator. Now from any location, around the globe, you have access to your generator.

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We strive to always improve our products and services…so stay tuned for any new available models.